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METAFORUM SummerCamp 2014



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Neuro-Systemic Life Constellations

SummerCamp in Italy, July 21 to August 9, 2014

Bernd Isert

Developed by Bernd Isert


The latest from METAFORUM

What we do

METAFORUM international, the Academy of Competence Development, was founded by Bernd Isert in 1986. We develop and teach systemic models and methods that are designed for the future and cover the following application areas:


  • Coaching and consulting
  • NLP and hypnotherapy
  • Constellation work and organizational development
  • Business and leadership
  • Didactics and training
  • Health and spirituality


We work internationally taking a cross-methodological and integrative approach. Leading pioneers and developers from special areas belong to our trainer team and advisory board. Our work focuses on our holistic residential training camps in Italy and Brazil, which we supplement with regional programs in Germany, Brazil, and Africa.

Upcoming events in Berlin, Germany

  • May 8–11, 2014: Start and basic course in Neuro-Systemic Coaching with Bernd Isert
  • June 19–22, 2014: Co-Creative Constellation Work with Luciano Alves, Brazil, and Bernd Isert
  • May 15–18 & June 23–26, 2014: Business Coaching with Sabine Klenke

Our upcoming SummerCamp in Abano Terme, Italy

At the METAFORUM SummerCamp in the unique atmosphere of the San Marco monastery, you will find a great variety of complementary methods for diverse application areas. We offer three-week training programs, many shorter seminars and the International Future Congress.

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Our Event in Africa

From April 19 to 27, 2014, we will hold a nine-day METAFORUM camp in Mombasa, Kenya, with basic training courses in NLP and coaching. Participants from Europe are welcome. We speak English.

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Our Events in Brazil

For the first time ever, we are organizing compact nine-day training camps in the most important regions of Brazil. We are offering basic trainings in systemic coaching, constellation work, NLP, and more.


  • August 23–31, 2014: Metaforum camp, southern Brazil: Porto Allegre
  • September 6–14, 2014: Metaforum camp, southern Amazon region: Cacoal, Rondonia
  • November 15–23, 2014: Metaforum camp, northeastern Brazil: Fortaleza


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The next three-week International Brazil Camp will take place from February 4 to 22, 2014 in the surroundings of Sao Paulo. Participants from Europe are welcome. We speak English.

International Certificates

Our courses are recognized by the following internationally renowned institutions: